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IEC 62439 "Industrial communication networks - High availability automation networks"


This OID also identifies the following Management Information Base (MIB) object:
LAST-UPDATED "201901300000Z" -- January 30, 2019
CONTACT-INFO "International Electrotechnical Commission
IEC Central Office
3, rue de Varembe
P.O. Box 131
CH-1211 Geneva 20
Phone: +41 22 919 02 11
Fax: +41 22 919 03 00
email: info@iec.ch"
DESCRIPTION "65c-62439-2-Ed3-FDIS
Copyright (C) IEC. This version of this MIB module is part of 65c-62439-2-Ed3-FDIS; see 65c-62439-2-Ed3-FDIS for full legal notices.
This MIB module defines the Network Management interfaces for the Redundancy Protocols defined by the IEC
standard 62439.
These definitions specify the monitoring and management variant of an Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) entity. If the SNMP entity only contains monitoring functionality, then IEC 62439 monitoring MIB definitions shall be used instead of this MIB module.
An entity may support either the monitoring facet only or the management facet including the monitoring facet as a subset."
REVISION "201901300000Z" -- January 30, 2019
DESCRIPTION "mrpInterconnectionAdminMICPosition and mrpInterconnectionOperMICPosition have been added to mrpInterconnectionTable."
REVISION "201405090000Z" -- May 09, 2014
DESCRIPTION "Manager (auto) support has been added in mrpDomainAdminRole.
Interconnection functionality added.
Units of mrpDomainRoundTripDelayMax and mrpDomainRoundTripDelayMin have been corrected to milliseconds.
mrpDomainOperRole and mrpDomainAdminRole data type have been set to INTEGER.
Missing constructs in import area have been added.
Module identity block has been put on top."
REVISION "200711120000Z" -- November 12, 2007
DESCRIPTION "The undefined use of the value 'badValue' for objects
of the optional 'mrpDomainDiagGroup' has been removed from DESCRIPTION clause at the objects concerned.
The role dependency of the objects 'mrpDomainState' and 'mrpDomainError' in the DESCRIPTION clause removed."
REVISION "200708240000Z" -- August 24, 2007
DESCRIPTION "Final Draft Proposal version of the Network Management interface for the Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) with the monitoring functionality and the additional management functionality."

See IEC 62439-2 & 62439-3 MIB code component (see IEC 62439-2 & IEC 62439-3 for full legal notices).

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