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  "standard" is a standardized identifier (this identifier may be used without its associated number in the ASN.1 notation of an OID).
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ISO or IEC International Standards (not jointly published with ITU-T)


According to Rec. ITU-T X.660 | ISO/IEC 9834-1, "The arcs below standard shall each have the value of the number of an International Standard published by ISO or IEC. Where the International Standard is multi-part, there shall be an additional arc for the part number, unless this is specifically excluded in the text of the International Standard. Further arcs shall have values as defined in that International Standard.
Note: If a non-multipart International Standard allocates object identifiers, and subsequently becomes a multipart International Standard, it shall continue to allocate object identifiers as if it were a single part International Standard."

All OIDs defined in a given International Standard shall preferably be gathered in an Annex to that standard (which lists their ASN.1 notation and a description of what they reference). When needed, an ASN.1 module gathering all OIDs shall be specified in that Annex.

Note: Section 5.2.1 of ISO/IEC 9070:1991 "Information technology -- Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) support facilities -- Registration procedures for public text owner identifiers" (editor: Charles Goldfarb) proposes that subsequent arcs should be of the form {iso(1) standard(0) nnnn pp yyyy} where:
  • nnnn is replaced by the number of an ISO or IEC publication (ISO documents are assigned numbers from 1 to 59,999; IEC documents are assigned documents from 60,000 to 79,999);
  • pp is replaced by the part number (if any);
  • yyyy is replaced by the year of publication. The form of ISO publication authority prefix that includes the year of publication should be used to name objects that may undergo revision. The form that does not include the year of publication should be used to name objects that will not undergo revision.
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