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Data format used when all the data on the RFID tag complies with the Data Identifier standard (as referred to in ISO/IEC 15418)


The Data Identifiers (DI) are predefined in the ANSI "MH 10.8.2" standard and are updated periodically.

This data format enables ANS MH10 Data Identifiers to be used as the Relative-OID in an Object Identifier structure. The alphanumeric DI is converted to a Relative-OID using an algorithm defined in ISO/IEC 15961:2004.
The preferred option for new applications is to use Data Format 13, which provides for more efficient encoding.

This OID is used in clauses and 7.2.3 of ISO/IEC 15961. This OID is not encoded on the Radio Frequency (RF) tag. Each object is encoded on the RF tag using a relative OID representing a data element according to the rules of the Data Identifier standard. As the Data Identifiers are alphanumeric in structure, a conversion algorithm as defined in ISO/IEC 15961, Annex E, shall be used to create a numeric relative OID:
The final component of the object identifier for Data Identifiers (as defined in the ANSI "MH 10.8.2" standard) is derived by converting the alphanumeric DI to a binary value and then converting this to a numeric value.
The procedure is as follows:
1. Convert the numeric component (if any) of the DI to a binary value (up to 10 bits):
EXAMPLE: 14 = 1110
2. Convert the alphabetic component of the DI to an ordinal binary value of 5 bits length (where A = 00001 and Z = 11010).
EXAMPLE: K (the 11th letter) = 01011
3. Prefix the binary numeric component (from Step 1) to the fixed length ordinal binary value (from Step 2).
EXAMPLES: 14K = 1110 01011
Q = 10001
4. Convert the binary value to a decimal value.

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