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To perform an advanced search on the OID repository, please select a search action in the drop-down list for the fields you want to search on the left and write, in the associated box, the word (or regular expression) describing what should be matched.

For each field, a search action can be selected among:
  • "Search containing": match any field satisfying the given (non-empty) regular expression;
  • "Search not containing": do not match a field satisfying the given (non-empty) regular expression;
  • "Search empty": match any empty field;
  • "Not used": do not use the field for search (default action if the regular expression is empty).
By default, a case-sensitive search is performed for all non-empty fields which satisfy the given expressions.

An advanced search is very accurate but may take a bit of time. If not yet done, consider doing a basic search: It is much quicker and will probably gives good results in most circumstances.
OID branch:

Parent OID in dot notation (e.g., 1.2.250) in case you want to restrict the search to child OIDs which begin with this parent OID
Beginning with a lower-case letter
Unicode label:
Brief description of what is registered.
Advice: If you hesitate between the 'Description' or 'Information' fields, put the search pattern in both and select "Matches on any fields (OR)" at the bottom of this page.
Field used to give more information (URL, document reference, rules on how child nodes are registered...)
Submitters are people who populate the database with information.
First name:
Last name:
Registration Authority
The registration authority is either the person or company (if known) who is currently in charge of managing the OID, allocating subarcs and registering information on these subarcs, or the first person or company (if known) who was responsible to manage the OID in the first instance and who created it.
First name:
Last name:
Telephone number:
Use '[+]' to include the '+' sign at the beginning of the phone number.
Fax number:
Use '[+]' to include the '+' sign at the beginning of the fax number.
Case sensitive search:
On Off
(The search may take some time.)
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