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OID: (ASN.1 notation)
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(OID-IRI notation)
Other Unicode labels (in place of "Example"): Exemple, Ejemplo, المثال, 范例, Пример, 예제, 例, Beispiel
(In the OID-IRI notation, this OID is identified by long arc "Example" or "Exemple" or "Ejemplo" or "المثال" or "范例" or "Пример" or "예제" or "例" or "Beispiel" from the root of the OID tree.)




This OID can be used by anyone, without any permission, for the purpose of documenting examples of object identifiers (in the same way as "example.com" is defined in IETF RFC 6761 as an example for web sites).

This OID has Unicode labels which are the translation of the word "Example" in some languages (resp., English "Example", French "Exemple", Spanish "Ejemplo", Arabic "المثال ", Chinese "范例", Russian "Пример", Korean "예제", Japanese "例", German "Beispiel"). This allows for this OID to be identified with "OID-IRI" notations like:
  • "/Joint-ISO-ITU-T/Example"
  • "/Joint-ISO-ITU-T/Exemple"
  • "/Joint-ISO-ITU-T/Ejemplo"
  • "/Joint-ISO-ITU-T/المثال"
  • "/Joint-ISO-ITU-T/范例"
  • "/Joint-ISO-ITU-T/Пример"
  • "/Joint-ISO-ITU-T/예제"
  • "/Joint-ISO-ITU-T/例"
  • "/Joint-ISO-ITU-T/Beispiel"
This OID can also be identified by the following long arcs:
  • "/Example"
  • "/Exemple"
  • "/Ejemplo"
  • "/المثال"
  • "/范例"
  • "/Пример"
  • "/예제"
  • "/例"
  • "/Beispiel"
This OID was allocated by ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6 at its June 2011 meeting and by ITU-T SG17 at its Sep 2011 meeting.

Creation date:

June 2011

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