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  itu-t(0) | ccitt(0) | itu-r(0)    -- International Telecommunicati... [more]
  iso(1)    -- International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  joint-iso-itu-t(2) | joint-iso-ccitt(2)    -- Areas of joint work ... [more]
    presentation(0)    -- Presentation layer service and protocol
    asn1(1)    -- ASN.1 standards
    association-control(2)    -- Association Control Service Element... [more]
    reliable-transfer(3)    -- Reliable transfer service element (Re... [more]
    remote-operations(4)    -- Remote Operations Service Element (RO... [more]
    notation(0)    -- ASN.1 module named Remote-Operation-Notation
    apdus(1)    -- ASN.1 module named Remote-Operations-APDUs
    notation-extension(2)    -- ASN.1 module named Remote-Operatio... [more]
    aseID(3)    -- Remote Operations Service Element (ROSE)
    aseID-ACSE(4)    -- Association Control Service Element (ACSE)
    informationObjects(5)    -- ASN.1 module named Remote-Operatio... [more]
    generic-ROS-PDUs(6)    -- ASN.1 module name Remote-Operations-... [more]
    useful-definitions(7)    -- ASN.1 module named Remote-Operatio... [more]
    informationObjects-extensions(8)    -- ASN.1 module named Remo... [more]
    realizations(9)    -- ASN.1 module named Remote-Operations-Rea... [more]
    association-realizations(10)    -- Association realizations
    transfer-realizations(11)    -- Transfer realizations
    remote-operations-abstract-syntaxes(12)    -- ASN.1 module nam... [more]
    ds(5) | directory(5)    -- Directory Services
    mhs(6) | mhs-motis(6)    -- Message Handling System (MHS), also ... [more]
    ccr(7)    -- Commitment, Concurrency and Recovery (CCR) service ... [more]
    oda(8)    -- Open Document Architecture (ODA)
    ms(9) | osi-management(9)    -- OSI network management, and part... [more]
    transaction-processing(10)    -- Transaction processing
    dor(11) | distinguished-object-reference(11)    -- ISO 10031-2 (... [more]
    reference-data-transfer(12) | rdt(12)    -- Referenced Data Tran... [more]
    network-layer(13) | network-layer-management(13)    -- Network l... [more]
    transport-layer(14) | transport-layer-management(14)    -- Trans... [more]
    datalink-layer(15) | datalink-layer-management(15) | ...    -- OSI dat... [more]
    country(16)    -- Joint (ITU-T and ISO/IEC) registration within ... [more]
    registration-procedures(17)    -- ISO/IEC and/or ITU-T activitie... [more]
    physical-layer(18) | physical-layer-management(18)    -- Physica... [more]
    mheg(19)    -- Multimedia and Hypermedia information coding Expe... [more]
    genericULS(20) | generic-upper-layers-security(20) | guls(20)    -- ... [more]
    transport-layer-security-protocol(21)    -- Transport layer secu... [more]
    network-layer-security-protocol(22)    -- Network layer security... [more]
    international-organizations(23)    -- International organization... [more]
    sios(24)    -- Security Information Objects (SIOs) for access co... [more]
    uuid(25)    -- Universally Unique IDentifiers (UUIDs) generated ... [more]
    odp(26)    -- Rec. ITU-T X.900 series | ISO/IEC 10746 & 13235 se... [more]
    tag-based(27) | nid(27)    -- Tag-based identifications (identif... [more]
    its(28)    -- Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
    upu(40)    -- Universal Postal Union (UPU)
    bip(41)    -- Rec. ITU-T X.1083 | ISO/IEC 24708 "Bio application... [more]
    telebiometrics(42)    -- Telebiometrics including telehealth and... [more]
    cybersecurity(48)    -- Cybersecurity information exchange
    alerting(49)    -- Alerts and alerting agencies according to Rec... [more]
    ors(50)    -- Rec. ITU-T X.672 | ISO/IEC 29168-1 "Information te... [more]
    gs1(51)    -- GS1
    example(999)    -- Example

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