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1111 Teneyck


Allegiance ENT1111 TeneyckJacksonMI492011039Burkitt Au.D., Kevin
Allegiance ENT1111 TeneyckJacksonMI492011039Deaton MA, Shelly
Allegiance ENT1111 TeneyckJacksonMI492011039Gilbert Au.D., Alison
Allegiance ENT1111 TeneyckJacksonMI492011039Greenberg MD, Jayson
Allegiance ENT1111 TeneyckJacksonMI492011039Greenstein Au.D., Kim
Allegiance ENT1111 TeneyckJacksonMI492011039HausbeckMiller Au.D., Kathleen
Allegiance ENT1111 TeneyckJacksonMI492011039Kirkner DO, Stephen
Allegiance ENT1111 TeneyckJacksonMI492011039Livingston AuD, Deborah
Allegiance Hearing Center1111 TeneyckSte 200JacksonMI492011014Burkitt Au.D., Kevin
Allegiance Hearing Center1111 TeneyckSte 200JacksonMI492011014Deaton MA, Shelly
Allegiance Hearing Center1111 TeneyckSte 200JacksonMI492011014Gilbert Au.D., Alison
Allegiance Hearing Center1111 TeneyckSte 200JacksonMI492011014Greenstein Au.D., Kim
Allegiance Hearing Center1111 TeneyckSte 200JacksonMI492011014HausbeckMiller Au.D., Kathleen
Allegiance Hearing Center1111 TeneyckSte 200JacksonMI492011014Livingston AuD, Deborah
Allegiance Hearing Center1111 TeneyckSte 200JacksonMI492011014Regan Au.D., Kristin

Automatically extracted from Health Level 7 (HL7) OID Registry.

First Registration Authority    


Julie Lowry


100 E Michigan Ave
Jackson MI 49203


+1 5178417434

Creation date:

1 December 2014

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