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Referenced Data Transfer (RDT)


Defined in:
  • ISO/IEC 10740-1 "Information technology -- Text and office systems -- Referenced Data Transfer -- Part 1: Abstract service";
  • ISO/IEC 10740-2 "Information technology -- Text and office systems -- Referenced Data Transfer -- Part 2: Protocol specification".
ISO/IEC 10740-1 and ISO/IEC 10740-2 were approved in 1993 and were withdrawn on 6 May 1999.

Note: The identifier for this OID should probably have been referenced-data-transfer so as to use the same expression as in the ISO/IEC 10740 multi-part standard.

Work started in ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 18 and when Sub-Committee (SC) 18 was closed, its work moved to SC 33. Ultimately SC 33 was closed and the Text and Office systems work was assigned to JTC 1 itself as no other SC wanted it.

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C.-U. Manros & K. Rayner

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