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LAST-UPDATED "200301060000Z"
ORGANIZATION "Cisco Systems, Inc."
"Cisco Systems
Customer Service
Postal: 170 W. Tasman Drive
San Jose, CA 95134
Tel: +1 800 553-NETS
E-mail: cs-atm@cisco.com"
"An extension to the Cisco ATM MIB module for managing
ATM implementations.
Acronyms and terms used in the MIB module:
AAL5 -- ATM adaptation layer 5.
AIS -- Alarm Indication Signal.
CC -- Continuity Check.
End-to-end -- End-to-end continuity checking.
Monitoring occurs on the entire VC
between two ATM end stations.
F5 OAM -- OAM information flow between
network elements (NEs) used within
virtual connections to report degraded
virtual channel performance.
OAM -- Operations, Administration
and Maintenance.
RDI -- Remote Detection Indication.
Segment -- Segment continuity checking.
Monitoring occurs on a VC segment
between a router and a first-hop
ATM switch.
VC -- Virtual Channel.
VCC -- Virtual Channel Connection.
VCL -- Virtual Channel Link."
REVISION "200301060000Z"
"Added ciscoAtmVclExtOamTable for OAM configuration
and state information."
REVISION "9706200000Z"
"Initial version of this MIB module."

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