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LAST-UPDATED "201008310000Z"
"Please consult with Customer Service to ensure the most appropriate version
of this document is used with the products in question:

Alcatel-Lucent, Enterprise Solutions Division
(Formerly Alcatel Internetworking, Incorporated)
26801 West Agoura Road
Agoura Hills, CA 91301-5122
United States Of America

Telephone: North America +1 800 995 2696
Latin America +1 877 919 9526
Europe +31 23 556 0100
Asia +65 394 7933
All Other +1 818 878 4507

Electronic Mail: support@ind.alcatel.com


"This module describes an authoritative enterprise-specific
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Management Information Base

The AlcatelIND1WCCPMIB is used to monitor the services for the WCCP
(Web Cache Coordination Protocol).

The right to make changes in specification and other information
contained in this document without prior notice is reserved.

No liability shall be assumed for any incidental, indirect, special,
or consequential damages whatsoever arising from or related to this
document or the information contained herein.

Vendors, end-users, and other interested parties are granted
non-exclusive license to use this specification in connection with
management of the products for which it is intended to be used.

Copyright (C) 1995-2007 Alcatel-Lucent

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