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LAST-UPDATED "201207131200Z" -- July 13, 2012
ORGANIZATION "Zhone Technologies
MIB Working Group
Other information about group editing the MIB"
CONTACT-INFO "Zhone Technologies, Inc.
Florida Design Center
8545 126th Avenue North
Largo, FL 33773

General Comments to: largo-mibwg-team@zhone.com"
"This file defines the private Enterprise MIB extensions
that define system related objects.

============================================================ ==
== ==
== Copyright (C) 2008-2012 Zhone Technologies, Inc. ==
== ==
============================================================ =="
REVISION "201207131200Z" -- July 13, 2012
DESCRIPTION "Added new zhnSystemTr69c objects."
REVISION "201207061200Z" -- July 6, 2012
DESCRIPTION "Added new sysSnmpProvisioningLock and sysSnmpProvisioningChange
REVISION "201205181200Z" -- May 18, 2012
DESCRIPTION "Added new zhnWanBackupTable, dnsProxyHostEntryTable,
and zhnDnsProxyHostMaxHostEntries objects."
REVISION "201205161200Z" -- May 16, 2012
DESCRIPTION "Removed comma in the end of the last line of the enum definitions."
REVISION "201204120000Z" -- Apr 12, 2012
DESCRIPTION "Added zhnSystemDNSClientObjects"
REVISION "201202031200Z" -- Feb 03, 2012
REVISION "201201191420Z" -- Jan 19, 2012
- Bootloader, FW, and alternate FW versions
- SNTP objects
- User Access Login objects
- Power-shedding objects
- Syslog objects
- coldStart, warmStart and enterprise trap filtering objects"
REVISION "201109090100Z" -- Sep 09, 2011
DESCRIPTION "Changed the name of sysContact to zhnSysContact and
sysLocation to zhnSysLocation. And, added scalar
objects sysSystemClockSource, sysEthernetTransmitClockSource,
and sysDs1ClockSourcePort."
REVISION "201101050100Z" -- Jan 05, 2011
DESCRIPTION "Fixed typo in trapPort description."
REVISION "200905200100Z" -- May 20, 2009
DESCRIPTION "General MIB file cleanup. Also added not-applicable values
to some of the textual convention objects."
REVISION "200808250100Z" -- Aug 25, 2008
DESCRIPTION "Added Pseudo-Wire Emulation (PWE) System Timing objects."
REVISION "200711260100Z" -- Nov 26, 2007
DESCRIPTION "Added Trap Manager Table, Community String Table,
zhnSysLocation and zhnSysContact objects."
REVISION "200703150100Z" -- March 15, 2007
DESCRIPTION "Added GPS location objects."
REVISION "200610170100Z"

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