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LAST-UPDATED "201009240000Z" -- Aug 24, 2010
ORGANIZATION "Zhone Technologies
MIB Working Group
Other information about group editing the MIB"
CONTACT-INFO "Zhone Technologies, Inc.
Florida Design Center
8545 126th Avenue North
Largo, FL 33773

General Comments to: largo-mibwg-team@zhone.com"
"This MIB contains objects that are used by the System
Monitoring function.

============================================================ ==
== ==
== Copyright (C) 2007-2010 Zhone Technologies, Inc. ==
== ==
============================================================ =="
REVISION "201009240000Z" -- Aug 24, 2010
DESCRIPTION "Added zhnSysMonAlarmTypes:
REVISION "201006210000Z" -- Jun 21, 2010
DESCRIPTION "Added zhnSysMonAlarmType varbind to the zhnSysMonAlarmSetEvent and
zhnSysMonAlarmClearEvent NOTIFICATION-TYPEs."
REVISION "200912140000Z" -- Dec 14, 2009
DESCRIPTION "Added new alarm types for CPEs with battery-backup units. Also
added a new NOTIFICATION-TYPE for database configuration changes."
REVISION "200905200000Z" -- May 20, 2009
DESCRIPTION "Change MODULE-IDENTITY to zhnSysMon and removed unsupported objects.
Since this MIB has not yet been published, the unsupported objects
were removed, rather than deprecated."
REVISION "200904060000Z" -- April 6, 2009
DESCRIPTION "Changed pwLOFS alarm to pwLOP "
REVISION "200901060000Z" -- January 6, 2009
DESCRIPTION "Added new alarm types for PW Clock Stability alarm"
REVISION "200805210000Z" -- May 21, 2008
DESCRIPTION "Added new alarm types for PW and T1/E1 interfaces"
REVISION "200711260000Z" -- November 26, 2007
DESCRIPTION "Changed Zhone OID to zhoneWtn OID"
REVISION "200612260000Z" -- December 26, 2006
- line power config table
- SysMon ready and line power config update notifications
- internal use use 'wanData' alarm severity"
REVISION "200612120000Z" -- December 12, 2006
DESCRIPTION "zhnSysMonAlarmTable, zhnSysMonAlarmSetEvent, zhnSysMonAlarmClearEvent:
- Removed zhnSysMonAlarmInstance, added zhnSysMonAlarmInterfaceName
zhnSysMonTestTable, zhnSysMonTestStartEvent, zhnSysMonTestStopEvent:
- Removed zhnSysMonTestInstance, added zhnSysMonTestInterfaceName"
REVISION "200611170000Z" -- November 17, 2006
DESCRIPTION "- Added notification definitions,
- Reworked Test Table,
- Had to change MAX-ACCESS of objects included in notifications
from not-accessible to read-create"
REVISION "200608310000Z" -- August 31, 2006
DESCRIPTION "Initial release."

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