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LAST-UPDATED "201509100000Z"
"BayStack EAPOL Extension MIB

Copyright 2003-2010 Avaya
All rights reserved.
This Avaya SNMP Management Information Base Specification
(Specification) embodies Avaya's confidential and
proprietary intellectual property. Avaya retains all
title and ownership in the Specification, including any

This Specification is supplied 'AS IS,' and Avaya makes
no warranty, either express or implied, as to the use,
operation, condition, or performance of the Specification."

REVISION "201509100000Z" -- 10 September 2015
DESCRIPTION "v036: Added bseeAutoPortConfigModeSwitchToMHMV, bseeAutoPortConfigModeSwitchToMHMVAction, bseeAutoPortConfigModeSwitchToMHMVResult"

REVISION "201508050000Z" -- 05 August 2015
DESCRIPTION "v035: Remove bseePortConfigFailOpenVlanNoChange and cover it's functionality inside bseePortConfigFailOpenVlanId"

REVISION "201507200000Z" -- 20 July 2015
DESCRIPTION "v034: Added bseePortConfigFailOpenVlanId

REVISION "201503310000Z" -- 31 March 2015
DESCRIPTION "v033: Extend the range for bseeMultiHostNonEapStatusState with the value lldpAuthenticated(7)"

REVISION "201412220000Z" -- 22 December 2014
DESCRIPTION "v032: Added bseeMultiHostStatusFaBindings & bseeMultiHostNonEapStatusFaBindings"

REVISION "201409010000Z" -- 1 September 2014
DESCRIPTION "v031: Added bseePortConfigMultiHostSingleAuthNoLimit"

REVISION "201303040000Z" -- 4 March 2013
DESCRIPTION "v030: Added bseePortConfigMultiHostMaxMacs"

REVISION "201302080000Z" -- 8 February 2013
DESCRIPTION "v029: Added bseeDefaultEapAll & bseePortConfigDefaultEapAll"

REVISION "201301170000Z" -- 17 January 2013
DESCRIPTION "v028: Added bseeMultiHostFailOpenVlanDisableEapMode & bseePaeSystemOperState"

REVISION "201211270000Z" --27 November 2012
DESCRIPTION "v027: Added the padding bit in bseeMultihostNonEapRadiusPasswordAttributeFormat"

REVISION "201211050000Z" -- 5 November 2012
DESCRIPTION "v026: Added support for NEAP freeform password"

REVISION "201208010000Z" -- 1 August 2012
DESCRIPTION "v025: Added bseeMultiHostFailOpenVlanContinuityModeEnabled"

REVISION "201205230000Z" -- 23 May 2012
DESCRIPTION "v024: Added bseeMultiHostAdacNonEapEnabled,

REVISION "201203010000Z" -- 1st of March 2012
DESCRIPTION "v023: Added bseeMultiHostDhcpAuthPhoneTable."

REVISION "201110060000Z" -- 06 October 2011
DESCRIPTION "v022: Added bseeAllowPortMirroringOnEap."

REVISION "201107220000Z" -- 22 July 2011
DESCRIPTION "v021: Added bseeMultiHostAdacDummyRadiusRequests."

REVISION "201106260000Z" -- 26 June 2011
DESCRIPTION "v020: Added bseeMultiHostBlockDifferentVlanAuth & bseePortConfigMultiHostBlockDifferentVlanAuth."

REVISION "201009070000Z" -- 07 September 2010
DESCRIPTION "v019: Added bseePortConfigMultiHostClearNeap."

REVISION "201001250000Z" -- 25 January 2010
DESCRIPTION "v018: Added bseeMultiHostStatusVid,

REVISION "201001110000Z" -- 11 January 2010
DESCRIPTION "v017: Added bseeMultiHostMultiVlan."

REVISION "200811110000Z" -- 11 November 2008
DESCRIPTION "v016: Added support for fail-open and voip vlan."

REVISION "200807030000Z" -- 03 July 2008
DESCRIPTION "v015: Added support for using most recent RADIUS-assigned

REVISION "200806300000Z" -- 30 June 2008
DESCRIPTION "v014: Added support for EAPOL supplicants."

REVISION "200804140000Z" -- 14 Apr 2008
DESCRIPTION "v013: Added bseeMultiHostEapProtocolEnabled and

REVISION "200803280000Z" -- 28 Mar 2008
DESCRIPTION "v012: Added bseePortConfigProcessRadiusRequestsServerPackets"

REVISION "200711090000Z" -- 09 Nov 2007
DESCRIPTION "v011: Added bseeMultiHostAllowNonEapRadiusAssignedVlan and

REVISION "200611010000Z" -- 01 Nov 2006
DESCRIPTION "v010 Added support for various additional EAP features:
- allowing IP phones based on DHCP
- allowing use of radius assigned VLAN in
multihost-eap mode
- use of unicast packets for Eap-ReqId packets
- fail or not-fail EAP users on radius timeout
(default is to fail)"

REVISION "200605240000Z" -- 24 May 2006
DESCRIPTION "v009: Added non-eap ubp support, filter-on-mac ubp support,
configurable non-eap radius password attribute format
support, re-auth of individual MAC addrs support."

REVISION "200506270000Z" -- 27 June 2005
DESCRIPTION "v008: Added MHSA support. Added new non-eap auth reasons."

REVISION "200503100000Z" -- 10 March 2005
DESCRIPTION "v007: Cleaned up some DESCRIPTION clauses.
Added bseeMultiHostNonEapStatusTable."

REVISION "200502170000Z" -- 17 February 2005
DESCRIPTION "v006: Added objects:
deprecated bseePortConfigMultiHostNonEapMacSource."

REVISION "200411110000Z" -- 11 November 2004
DESCRIPTION "v005: Added bseeMultiHostNonEapMacTable."

REVISION "200408310000Z" -- 20 July 2004
DESCRIPTION "v004: Changes to have separate enable/disable flag for
guest vlan and remediation vlan. Added objects:

REVISION "200407200000Z" -- 20 July 2004
DESCRIPTION "v003: Added enhancements for guest vlan, remediation vlan,
and multihost support."

REVISION "200309180000Z" -- 18 Sept 2003
DESCRIPTION "v001: Initial version."

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