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privateVlanPromPortSecondaryRemap3k OBJECT-TYPE
MAX-ACCESS read-only
STATUS current
"A string of octets containing one bit per VLAN for
VLANs with VlanIndexOrZero values of 2048 through 3071
in the management domain on this port. The first octet
corresponds to VLANs with VlanIndexOrZero values of 2048
through 2055; the second octet to VLANs 2056 through
2063; etc. The most significant bit of each octet
corresponds to the lowest value VlanIndexOrZero in
that octet.

Note that if the length of this string is less than
128 octets, any 'missing' octets are assumed to contain
the value zero. An NMS may omit any zero-valued octets
from the end of this string in order to reduce SetPDU
size, and the agent may also omit zero-valued trailing
octets, to reduce the size of GetResponse PDUs.

This object is only instantiated on devices which support
the range of VlanIndexOrZero up to 4095."

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