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hpicfHighAvailability MODULE-IDENTITY
LAST-UPDATED "200910180000Z" -- October 18, 2009
CONTACT-INFO "Hewlett-Packard Company
8000 Foothills Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95747"
DESCRIPTION "Management information for configuring Redundant
Management module on Hewlett-Packard network devices."

REVISION "200910180000Z" -- October 18, 2009
DESCRIPTION "Added hpicfHAFailOverLogTable and
REVISION "200909060000Z" -- September 6, 2009
DESCRIPTION "Added hpicfHAContinuousFwdingTime and Removed
hpicfHARedundancyWarmStandby scalar mib and
added it as enum to hpicfHARedundancyManagementModuleMode."
REVISION "200908210000Z" -- August 21,2009
DESCRIPTION "Added hpicfHARedundancyWarmStandby scalar mib."
REVISION "200609050000Z" -- September 5, 2006
DESCRIPTION "Initial version of the MIB module."

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