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LAST-UPDATED "201006102140Z" -- June 10, 2010
CONTACT-INFO "Hewlett-Packard Company
8000 Foothills Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95747"
DESCRIPTION "This MIB module describes objects for basic
IP address configuration and interface configuration
for devices in the HP Integrated Communication Facility
product line."
REVISION "201006102140Z" -- June 10, 2010
DESCRIPTION "Added hpicfIpv4InterfaceDirectedBcastFwd object
to hpicfIpv4InterfaceTable."

REVISION "200910020000Z" -- October 02, 2009
DESCRIPTION "Added hpicfIpv6InterfaceReachableTime and
hpicfIpv6InterfaceRetransmitTime objects
to hpicfIpv6InterfaceTable."
REVISION "200909100000Z" -- September 10, 2009
DESCRIPTION "Added hpicfUdpTunnelMirrorTruncate object
to HpicfUdpTunnelEntry."
REVISION "200909040000Z" -- September 04, 2009
DESCRIPTION "Added hpicfIpNetToPhysicalTableClear."
REVISION "200907210000Z" -- July 21, 2009
DESCRIPTION "Added hpicfIpv6InterfaceDadAttempts and
hpicfIpv6InterfaceDadAttemptsMode object to the
REVISION "200812090000Z" -- Dec 09, 2008
DESCRIPTION "Updated Description of
REVISION "200810010000Z" -- Oct 01, 2008
DESCRIPTION "Move ipNetToPhysicalEntry to correct IMPORT."
REVISION "200706060000Z" -- JUNE 06, 2007
DESCRIPTION "Added hpicfIpv6NDDadAttempts to augment the
REVISION "200705300000Z" -- MAY 30, 2007
DESCRIPTION "Added hpicfIpv4InterfaceLocalProxyArp on to the
REVISION "200702020000Z" -- FEBRUARY 02, 2007
DESCRIPTION "Added hpicfIpv6InterfaceTable to augment the
REVISION "200612030000Z" -- DECEMBER 03, 2006
DESCRIPTION "Added hpicfUdpTunnelMirrorSessionID to augment the
tunnelInetConfigEntry object in RFC4087."
REVISION "200607070000Z" -- JULY 07, 2006
DESCRIPTION "Added hpicfUdpTunnelSrcPort to augment the
tunnelInetConfigEntry object in RFC4087."
REVISION "200508081600Z" -- August 08, 2005
DESCRIPTION "Initial version."

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