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  itu-t(0) | ccitt(0) | itu-r(0)    -- International Telecommunicati... [more]
  iso(1)    -- International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  standard(0)    -- ISO or IEC International Standards (not jointl... [more]
  registration-authority(1)    -- Registration authorities
  member-body(2)    -- ISO Member Bodies
  identified-organization(3)    -- Organization identification sch... [more]
     (5 OIDs)
    dod(6)    -- "DODNET": Open System Interconnection (OSI) netwo... [more]
    internet(1)    -- Internet
      directory(1)    -- Structure of Management Information (SM... [more]
      mgmt(2)    -- Management
      reserved(0)    -- Reserved
      mib-2(1)    -- Structure of Management Information Versi... [more]
       (43 OIDs)
      printmib(43)    -- printmib MODULE-IDENTITY LAST-UPDAT... [more]
      prtMIBConformance(2)    -- Conformance information
      prtGeneral(5)    -- General printer group
      prtGeneralTable(1)    -- prtGeneralTable OBJECT-TY... [more]
      prtGeneralEntry(1)    -- prtGeneralEntry OBJECT-... [more]
        prtGeneralConfigChanges(1)    -- prtGeneralCon... [more]
        prtGeneralCurrentLocalization(2)    -- prtGene... [more]
        prtGeneralReset(3)    -- prtGeneralReset OBJEC... [more]
        prtGeneralCurrentOperator(4)    -- prtGeneralC... [more]
        prtGeneralServicePerson(5)    -- prtGeneralSer... [more]
        prtInputDefaultIndex(6)    -- prtInputDefaultI... [more]
        prtOutputDefaultIndex(7)    -- prtOutputDefaul... [more]
        prtMarkerDefaultIndex(8)    -- prtMarkerDefaul... [more]
        prtMediaPathDefaultIndex(9)    -- prtMediaPath... [more]
        prtConsoleLocalization(10)    -- prtConsoleLoc... [more]
        prtConsoleNumberOfDisplayLines(11)    -- prtCo... [more]
        prtConsoleNumberOfDisplayChars(12)    -- prtCo... [more]
        prtConsoleDisable(13)    -- prtConsoleDisable ... [more]
        prtAuxiliarySheetStartupPage(14)    -- prtAuxi... [more]
        prtAuxiliarySheetBannerPage(15)    -- prtAuxil... [more]
        prtGeneralPrinterName(16)    -- prtGeneralPrin... [more]
        prtGeneralSerialNumber(17)    -- prtGeneralSer... [more]
        prtAlertCriticalEvents(18)    -- prtAlertCriti... [more]
        prtAlertAllEvents(19)    -- prtAlertAllEvents ... [more]
      prtStorageRefTable(2)    -- prtStorageReftable OBJ... [more]
      prtDeviceRefTable(3)    -- prtDeviceReftable OBJEC... [more]
      prtCover(6)    -- Cover table
      prtLocalization(7)    -- Localization table
      prtInput(8)    -- Input group
      prtOutput(9)    -- Output sub-units
      prtMarker(10)    -- Marker group
      prtMarkerSupplies(11)    -- Marker supplies group
      prtMarkerColorant(12)    -- Marker colorant group
      prtMediaPath(13)    -- Media path group
      prtChannel(14)    -- Channel table
      prtInterpreter(15)    -- Interpreter group
      prtConsoleDisplayBuffer(16)    -- Display buffer tab... [more]
      prtConsoleLights(17)    -- Console light table
      prtAlert(18)    -- Alerts group
      finDevice(30)    -- Finisher device group
      finSupply(31)    -- Finisher supply group
      finSupplyMediaInput(32)    -- Finisher supply, media... [more]
      finDeviceAttribute(33)    -- Finisher device attribu... [more]
       (198 OIDs)
      pib(2)    -- Policy Information Base (PIB)
      experimental(3)    -- Objects used in Internet experiments... [more]
      private(4)    -- Private projects
      security(5)    -- Structure and identification of Manageme... [more]
      snmpV2(6) | snmpv2(6)    -- Version 2 of the Simple Networ... [more]
      mail(7)    -- Internet mail (for use with mail protocols)
      features(8)    -- Media feature tags
     (179 OIDs)
  joint-iso-itu-t(2) | joint-iso-ccitt(2)    -- Areas of joint work ... [more]

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