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eoPowerStateEntry OBJECT-TYPE
SYNTAX EoPowerStateEntry
MAX-ACCESS not-accessible
STATUS current
"A eoPowerStateEntry extends a corresponding
eoPowerEntry. This entry displays max usage values at
every single possible Power State supported by the Energy
For example, given the values of a Energy Object
corresponding to a maximum usage of 0 W at the
state emanmechoff, 8 W at state 6 (ready), 11 W at state
emanmediumMinus, and 11 W at state emanhigh:
State MaxUsage Units
emanmechoff 0 W
emansoftoff 0 W
emanhibernate 0 W
emansleep 0 W
emanstandby 0 W
emanready 8 W
emanlowMinus 8 W
emanlow 11 W
emanmediumMinus 11 W
emanmedium 11 W
emanhighMinus 11 W
emnanhigh 11 W
Furthermore, this table also includes the total time in
each Power State, along with the number of times a
particular Power State was entered."
INDEX { entPhysicalIndex, eoPowerStateIndex }


Automatically extracted from IETF RFC7460

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