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serialModemConnectResp OBJECT-TYPE
SYNTAX DisplayString (SIZE (0..255))
MAX-ACCESS read-create
STATUS deprecated
"An ASCII string containing substrings that describe the
expected modem connection response code and associated bps
rate. The substrings are delimited by the first character
in the string, for example:
/CONNECT/300/CONNECT 1200/1200/CONNECT 2400/2400/
CONNECT 4800/4800/CONNECT 9600/9600
will be interpreted as:
response code bps rate
CONNECT 1200 1200
CONNECT 2400 2400
CONNECT 4800 4800
CONNECT 9600 9600
The agent will use the information in this string to adjust
the bps rate of this serial interface once a modem connection
is established.
A value that is appropriate for a wide variety of modems is:
'/CONNECT/300/CONNECT 1200/1200/CONNECT 2400/2400/
CONNECT 4800/4800/CONNECT 9600/9600/CONNECT 14400/14400/
CONNECT 19200/19200/CONNECT 38400/38400/'."


Automatically extracted from IETF RFC 4502.

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