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LAST-UPDATED "200605020000Z" -- May 2, 2006
Steve Waldbusser
Phone: +1-650-948-6500
Fax : +1-650-745-0671
Email: waldbusser@nextbeacon.com
Working Group Chair:
Andy Bierman
E-mail: ietf@andybierman.com
Working Group Mailing List: <rmonmib@ietf.org>
To subscribe send email to: <rmonmib-request@ietf.org>"
"The MIB module for managing remote monitoring device implementations. This MIB module extends the architecture introduced in the original RMON MIB as specified in RFC 2819.
Copyright (C) The Internet Society (2006). This version of this MIB module is part of RFC 4502; see the RFC itself for full legal notices."
REVISION "200605020000Z" -- May 2, 2006
"This version updates the proposed-standard version of the RMON2 MIB (published as RFC 2021) by adding 2 new enumerations to the nlMatrixTopNControlRateBase object and 4 new enumerations to the alMatrixTopNControlRateBase object.
These new enumerations support the creation of high-capacity topN reports in the High Capacity RMON MIB [RFC3273].
Additionally, the following objects have been deprecated, as they have not had enough independent implementations to demonstrate interoperability to meet the requirements of a Draft Standard:
probeDownloadFile, probeDownloadTFTPServer, probeDownloadAction, probeDownloadStatus, serialMode, serialProtocol, serialTimeout, serialModemInitString, serialModemHangUpString, serialModemConnectResp, serialModemNoConnectResp, serialDialoutTimeout, serialStatus
serialConnectDestIpAddress, serialConnectType, serialConnectDialString, serialConnectSwitchConnectSeq, serialConnectSwitchDisconnectSeq, serialConnectSwitchResetSeq, serialConnectOwner, serialConnectStatus, netConfigIPAddress, netConfigSubnetMask, netConfigStatus, netDefaultGateway, tokenRingMLStats2DroppedFrames, tokenRingMLStats2CreateTime, tokenRingPStats2DroppedFrames, tokenRingPStats2CreateTime, ringStationControl2DroppedFrames, ringStationControl2CreateTime, sourceRoutingStats2DroppedFrames, sourceRoutingStats2CreateTime, trapDestIndex, trapDestCommunity, trapDestProtocol, trapDestAddress, trapDestOwner, trapDestStatus
In addition, two corrections were made. The LastCreateTime Textual Convention had been defined with a base type of another textual convention, which isn't allowed in SMIv2. The definition has been modified to use TimeTicks as the base type.
Further, the SerialConfigEntry SEQUENCE definition included sub-typing information that is not allowed in SMIv2. This information has been deleted. Ranges were added to a number of objects and textual-conventions to constrain their maximum (and sometimes minimum) sizes. The addition of these ranges documents existing practice for these objects. These objects are:
ControlString, protocolDirID, protocolDirParameters, addressMapNetworkAddress, nlHostAddress, nlMatrixSDSourceAddress, nlMatrixSDDestAddress, nlMatrixDSSourceAddress, nlMatrixDSDestAddress, nlMatrixTopNSourceAddress, nlMatrixTopNDestAddress, alHostEntry, alMatrixSDEntry, alMatrixDSEntry, alMatrixTopNSourceAddress, alMatrixTopNDestAddress
Finally, the TimeFilter TC has been updated to encourage agent implementations that allow a MIB walk to behave well even when performed by an application that is not aware of the special TimeFilter semantics."
REVISION "200207080000Z" -- 08 July, 2002
"Added new enumerations to support the High-Capacity RMON MIB as defined in RFC 3273. Also fixed some typos and
added clarifications."
REVISION "199605270000Z" -- 27 May, 1996
"Original version. Published as RFC 2021."


Automatically extracted from IETF RFC 4502.

See child OIDs. See also RFC 3737 and files "RMON-MIB" and "RMON2-MIB" (but "RMON2-MIB" defined objects which are deprecated in RFC 4502).

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