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x25ClearedCircuitTable OBJECT-TYPE
SYNTAX SEQUENCE OF X25ClearedCircuitEntry
ACCESS not-accessible
STATUS mandatory
"A table of entries about closed circuits.
Entries must be made in this table whenever
circuits are closed and the close request or
close indication packet contains a clearing
cause other than DTE Originated or a
Diagnostic code field other than Higher
Layer Initiated disconnection-normal. An
agent may optionally make entries for normal
closes (to record closing facilities or
other information).
Agents will delete the oldest entry in the
table when adding a new entry would exceed
agent resources. Agents are required to
keep the last entry put in the table and may
keep more entries. The object
x25OperClearEntriesGranted returns the
maximum number of entries kept in the
REFERENCE "See ISO 8208 Section


Automatically extracted from IETF RFC 1382.

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