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  This is a leaf OID (there can be no child OIDs).
OID: (ASN.1 notation)
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MAX-ACCESS read-only
STATUS current
"The vendor's authoritative identification of the
network management subsystem contained in the entity.
This value is allocated within the SMI enterprises
subtree ( and provides an easy and
unambiguous means for determining `what kind of box' is
being managed. For example, if vendor `Flintstones,
Inc.' was assigned the subtree,
it could assign the identifier
to its `Fred Router'."


Automatically extracted from IETF RFC 3418.

See also IETF RFC 1214.

Note to implementers:

The OID repository does not necessarily store an accurate version of this formal description. For an implementation, it is recommended to check the web for a more recent description. If this is the case, please update the above description.

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