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Open Software Foundation (OSF) Distributed Computing Object Identification


1) Organization code: full 4-character code without spaces or hyphens.
Organization name: at most 250 characters and shall consist of the legal name or alternative names.
2) None.
Display Requirements: Display of Sequential Input/Ouput (SIO) should be in the order of International Code Designator (ICD), organization code and organization name where the components are separated by spaces.
Example: for the organization OSF SIO representation ICD code name
communication: xxxx/xxxx/OSF
display: xxxx xxxx OSF
Description of organizations covered by the coding system: Member organizations of Open Software Foundation - currently OSF has 205 members located in 37 countries in the North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.
Notes on use of the code: OSF provides public domain software in Open Software (OS), ISO networking and management. The initial use of the coding system are for identifying the following objects in OSF's distributed computing environment: the attributes of entries in the distributed directory, the object class of each entry in the directory, the type of name components (Relative Distinguished Names (RDNs)), the communication protocol profiles, the interfaces offered by distributed services.

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