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Swiss Federal Business Identification Number


Description of Organizations covered by: Companies/organizations registered in the Swiss Register of Organisations Commerce and in corresponding Swiss Central Business names Index (zefix.admin.ch)
Notes on use of code: To uniquely identify entries in Swiss Central Business Names Index (zefix). The principle purpose of the zefix on internet is to provide a swisswide search function, and thus provide the public with a service to determine the legal domicile, the cantonal office for the register of commerce in charge, and the latter's address.

Sponsoring authority: BAKOM/OFCOM - Swiss Federal Office for Communications
2501 Biel/Bienne
Telefon: +41 32 327 55 11
Fax: +41 32 327 55 49
Responsible: Laurent Scheggia

First Registration Authority    


Swiss Federal Office of Justice


Bundesrain 20
CH-3003 Bern


+41 31 322 36 32 
Fax: +41 31 323 51 52

Creation date:

24 June 2005

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