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Actalis S.p.A.


Description of Organizations covered by: ACTALIS S.p.A. is a company held by "SIA S.p.A." and "SSB", founded in December 2001, whose mission is to design, build, manage and market products, systems and services in the field of information security, with particular focus on PKI-based solutions (digital signatures, smartcards, time stamping).
Professional services are also offered, for consultancy in the fields of infrastructural and organizational security (network security, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessment, security policies and plans, Information Security Management Systems, BS7799, etc).
Actalis operates at both local and international level.

Sponsoring authority: UNificazione INFOrmation technology (UNINFO)
Corso Galileo Ferraris, 93
10128 Torino, Italy
Tel: +39-011 501027
Fax: +39-011 501837
Contact person: Carla Sirocchi

Current Registration Authority    


Riccardo Minet

To contact the current Registration Authority, replace "&" by "@" in the email address


Actalis S.p.A.
Via T.Taramelli, 26
20124 Milano

First Registration Authority    


Adriano Santoni

To contact the first Registration Authority, replace "&" by "@" in the email address


Actalis S.p.A.
Via Taramelli, 26
20124 Milano


+39 2 6084 1

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February 2002

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