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Identification number of economic subject ("IČO") Act on State Statistics of 29 November 2001, § 27, Slovakia


Intended purpose/application area: The unique identification of economic subjects (legal persons and natural persons- entrepreneurs used for registration.
Language(s) used: Slovak
Description of Organizations covered by: All legal persons and natural persons as entrepreneurs or perform other earning activities according to special acts.
Notes on use of the code: The identification number IČO is used in Slovakia in almost all administrative acts (tax system, banking system, statistics, etc.).

Sponsoring authority: Slovak Standards Institution
International Co-operation Department
Karloveská 63, P.O.Box 246
840 00 Bratislava
Mrs Lubica Pernecka
tel.: + 421 2 602 94 589 Fax: + 421 2 654 11 888
e-mail: pernecka@ANTISPAM.sutn.gov.sk

First Registration Authority    


Ivan Lieskovský


Slovak Statistical Office
Miletičova 3
824 67 Bratislava


+421 2 502 36 250 
Fax: +421 2 5556 1541

Creation date:

February 2002

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