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North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Commercial And Government Entity (NCAGE) system, a.k.a. NCAGE NATO Code of manufacturers


Description of organizations covered by the coding system: The following types of organizations/functions are eligible for NCAGE code assignment; however a NCAGE code should not be assigned unless it is required:
- Manufacturing organizations that are obtained.
- Government or commercial organizations that control the design of items but not necessarily manufacture nor sell them directly.
- Manufacturing organizations that produce items of industrial production equipment, and whose items are published in industrial plant equipment handbooks.
- Distributors who are sources of supply in their own country for items produced by manufacturers located in their own or in any foreign country.
- Government agencies that manufacture items entering the supply system of an individual NATO country or control the design of such items without actually manufacturing them.
- Manufacturers who supply materials for incorporation into the products of manufacturers who provide drawings of these products.
- Organizations connected with the development of national or international standards/ specifications or related documents.
- NATO Production or Logistics Organizations (NPLO) or NATO Agencies who act as design activities and provide standards, specifications or drawings containing information qualified for item identification purpose.
- Providers of service working in the field of logistics (repair shops, carriers) but not providing items of production they referenced in their system.

Notes on use of the code: Determination of the real source for an item of supply is one of the most important prerequisites for proper application of the Uniform System of Item Identification within NATO. It is the source where documentation will be obtained from and its location normally gives advice for codification responsibility. Within the NATO Codification System the term Manufacturer covers the whole range of possible sources of technical data for items entering the supply chains or participating countries. The primary use of manufacturers coding is in "ADP" operations related to support management programs, such as material management codification, standardization, etc.

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