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National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Open Systems Environment (OSE) Implementors' Workshop (OIW)


No check digits are needed as the whole message has checking mechanism
Display Requirements: None, except that all fields are left justified.
Description of organizations covered by the coding system: NIST/OSI Workshop attenders will assign a sub value to any special interest group that is approved and chartered by the Workshop, if it is appropriate to assign such sub values. The Workshop is an open, public, international forum.
Notes on use of the code: The International Code Designator (ICD) code forms the initial part of the Workshop naming and addressing tree.

To the question "Are the OIW OIDs still in common use?", Peter Gutmann replied on June 23, 2004: "Some of the crypto ones still in use, this would include the DES-modes OIDs and some of the weird (obsolete) Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) and Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) ones that were (incorrectly) copied into Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) implementations. Examples of obsolete OIDs: {iso(1) identified-organization(3) oiw(14) secsig(3) algorithms(2) sha-1WithRSAEncryption(29)}; an obsolete DSA one that ended up in Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA) (so presumably "OS X crypto" will use it) and the German Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) work; and a variety of other odd bits and pieces. In general you need a many-to-one mapping where on write you emit the most appropriate OID and on read you allow any one of a number of OIDs, including incorrect ones (the Java Development Kit (JDK) one is actually dsaWithSHA0, but it's used as if it was dsaWithSHA1)."

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United States Department of Commerce


National Institute of Standards and Technology
Maryland 20899
United States (the)


+1 301 975 2833

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August 1989

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