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  itu-t(0) | ccitt(0) | itu-r(0)    -- International Telecommunicati... [more]
  iso(1)    -- International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  standard(0)    -- ISO or IEC International Standards (not jointl... [more]
  registration-authority(1)    -- Registration authorities
  member-body(2)    -- ISO Member Bodies
  au(36)    -- Australia
  at(40)    -- Austria
  be(56)    -- Belgium
  cn(156)    -- People's Republic of China
  cz(203)    -- Czech Republic
  dk(208)    -- Denmark
  fi(246)    -- Finland
  fr(250)    -- France
  de(276)    -- Germany
  280    -- Germany (in German, Bundesrepublik Deutschland)
  gr(300)    -- Greece
  hk(344)    -- Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China
  ie(372)    -- Ireland
  jp(392)    -- Japan
  kz(398)    -- Kazakhstan
  kr(410)    -- Republic of Korea
  md(498)    -- Moldova (Republic of)
  nl(528)    -- Nederlands (the)
  ng(566)    -- Nigeria
  no(578)    -- Norway
  pl(616)    -- Poland
  ru(643)    -- Russian Federation
  sg(702)    -- Singapore
  vn(704)    -- Vietnam
  se(752)    -- Sweden
  ua(804)    -- Ukraine
  gb(826)    -- United Kingdom
  us(840)    -- United States of America
  uz(860)    -- Uzbekistan
  ve(862)    -- Venezuela
  identified-organization(3)    -- Organization identification sch... [more]
  joint-iso-itu-t(2) | joint-iso-ccitt(2)    -- Areas of joint work ... [more]

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