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At its plenary meeting on 7 November 2008, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6 noted that, according to an agreement co-signed by the ISO National Body for Kazakhstan and the ITU Kazakhstan Member State, the Agency for Informatization and Communication (AIC) will be the registration authority for the country OID for Kazakhstan.

First Registration Authority    


Yeleussizova Kuralay

To contact the Registration Authority, replace "&" by "@" in the email address


Head of Integration and Project Development Authority
Department for Information Technologies
Agency for Informatization and Communication (AIC)
House of Ministries
15 entrance, 7 fl
Astana, Left coast
Republic of Kazakhstan

Suleimenov Aidos
CEO of PKI Authority
JSC National Information Technologies
House of Ministries
16B entrance
Astana, Left coast
Republic of Kazakhstan

Phone number: +7 7172 741173
E-mail: suleimenov_a@ANTISPAM.nitec.kz
Fax number: +7 7172 741068


+7 7172 741034

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7 November 2008

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