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  "registration-authority" is a standardized identifier (this identifier may be used without its associated number in the ASN.1 notation of an OID).
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Registration authorities


Note: According to IETF RFC 2251, section 4.5.1, "If the client does not want any attributes returned, it can specify a list containing only the attribute with OID 1.1. This OID was chosen arbitrarily and does not correspond to any attribute in use." OID OID 1.1 is also commonly used in LDAPv3 for examples.


According to ITU-T X.660 (2004) | ISO/IEC 9834-1:2004, "the arcs below registration-authority are assigned to those International Standards that, in one or more of their parts, specify the procedures for the operation of a registration authority. Arc numbers from 1 to 10 are reserved to identify a part of the ISO/IEC 9834 multi-part Standard, and the value of the arc is the number of that part. For other International Standards, the arc number is the number of the International Standard. In all cases, the identified International Standard or part of the ISO/IEC 9834 multi-part Standard allocates subsequent arcs."

ITU-T X.680 (1994) | ISO/IEC 8824-1:1995) and ITU-T X.680 (2002) | ISO/IEC 8824-1:2002, clause D.3.1, stated that this arc has never been used and was finally abandoned. This was wrong and was mended in the 2004 edition of ITU-T X.660 | ISO/IEC 9834-1 because ISO/IEC 10036:1996, i.e. published after the 1994 edition of the ASN.1 standard, defines a subsequent arc numbered 10036, and ISO/IEC 9070:1991 seems to define subsequent arcs numbered 2108 and 2375).

More information regarding the illegal use of the withdrawn {iso(1) registration-authority(1)} arc.

When republishing the ITU-T X.660 | ISO/IEC 9834 series, ITU-T SG17 decided at its September 2003 Plenary meeting to reinstate this arc since it was used in International Standards.

According to ISO/IEC 9070:1991, clause 5.2.2 (editor: Charles Goldfarb), subsequent arcs should be of the form {iso(1) registration-authority(1) nnnn pp} where:
  • nnnn is replaced by the number of an ISO registration standard;
  • pp is replaced by the part number (if any).
ITU-T X.208 (1988) | ISO/IEC 8824 (1990) had the following clause B.5: "The arcs below registration-authority are reserved for an addendum to Rec. ITU-T X.208 which will be progressed alongside the establishment of procedures for the identification of specific OSI Registration Authorities." John Larmouth, Rapporteur for the ASN.1 standard, wrote on Jan. 27, 2003: "The addendum has never been produced. The intention was to establish such a registration authority, but it never happened, largely because there were enough Registration Authorities under other arcs."

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