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ISO/IEC 9979 International Standard: Information Technology -- Security techniques -- Procedures for the registration of cryptographic algorithms


Note: This standard was withdrawn on 6 Sep 2005 to reflect the reduced role for the Register of Cryptographic Algorithms now that the four-part International Standard on encryption, ISO/IEC 18033, has been published.

The form of the object identifiers is one of the following:
- algorithm only: {iso standard 9979 xxx(n)};
- algorithm and a mode of operation: {iso standard 9979 xxx(n) yyy(m)}
where xxx(n) are the name and number allocated to the registered algorithm and yyy(m) are the name and number allocated to the mode of operation.
Note: There is no need for the same value of m to be used when the same mode of operation is used with two different algorithms. In general, for each algorithm, values of m are to be assigned consecutively, starting from 1.
Common modes of operation are (a registered algorithm which supports these modes of operation may number them as follows, although this standard does not require this number to be used):
  • electronic-code-book = 0
  • cipher-feedback = 1
  • cipher-block-chaining = 2
  • output-feedback = 3
  • additive-stream-cipher = 4
  • black-box = 5
Current Registration Authority    


Chris Mitchell

To contact the registration authority, replace "&" by "@" in the email address


Information Security Group (ISG)
Royal Halloway, University of London
Surrey TW20 0EX
United Kingdom

Other email address: mailto:me@ANTISPAM.chrismitchell.net


+44 1784443423 
Fax: +44 1784430766

Reassignt date:

24 November 2001

First Registration Authority    


National Computing Centre


Oxford Road

Creation date:

1 January 1992

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